"... we'll be all right because I trust in God."

I might have mentioned a time or two that one of our accounts is to haul the low-income folk to or from their docs and hospitals on our tax dollars. Oddly enough, I seem to get more grief from these people than I do from most others. Here's one from t'other night ...

Sent to pick up a 25 ish year old and her 2 y.o. daughter, going to the hospital round about 3 a.m. ...

She: walking out of the apartment towards me It's about damned time. I've been waiting almost 15 minutes, where the hell have you been?

Me: Well, good morning to you too. We are a little busy. Are you ready to go?

She: Did you NOT hear me say I've been waiting 15 minutes? Of COURSE I'm ready to go. Let me go get my daughter, it might take ME 15 minutes to get back out here and you had BETTER wait for me.

Me: Certainly. I'll wait right here. For a full 5 minutes and then I'm leaving according to the contract we have with Oregon Health Plan.

She: Well, see if I don't call your effin company and complain about you.

Me: Certainly your option. Would you like to do it now while I wait, on your 5 minutes or would you like to do it after you get in the cab?

She: I'll be right back.

And she comes back with her daughter. And no car seat.

Me: Do you have car seat for your daughter?

She: Don't tell me you're going to give me a hard time about that too? We're going to the hospital and I don't want to have to carry it with us.

Me: I'm sorry, I can't take your daughter w/out a car seat. It's the law.

She: Look, it's just down the street and many other drivers let me slide. Please? Look. I'm really sorry what I said earlier, and I won't call and complain about you to the company if you just let me go w/out the car seat. Let's go.

Me: Again, I'm sorry, but I won't take you w/out a car seat. Do you want to go get it?

She: I tell you what ... let's just go. She tried to open the door to the cab but they're all locked. Open the door.

Me: I'm sorry, but no car seat, no ride. It's the law.

She: You don't need to be a bitch about it. Just open the fucking door and take us to the fucking hospital.

Me: Wow. Well, look, I'm sorry if the state of Oregon cares more for your child than you do, but I'm not going to give you a ride unless you go get a car seat.

She: I don't HAVE a fucking car seat! I haven't had one since my daughter was born and nothing has happened so far so I think we'll be all right because I trust in God.

Me: Well, I don't even believe in God so I'm sure you don't want me driving your child around. No car seat, no ride. Have a good night.

She was cussin' me out as I was driving off. Sadly, I have to turn down a lot of rides because people don't have car seats. I don't have children, but I know I would have a car seat if I did. Maybe even more than one. I just ... bah. People.


Dave2 said...

What amazes me is that people want you to break the law on their behalf. How many times do you have to say IT'S AGAINST THE LAW before they get it?

Trixie said...

1) Why the hell doesn't she have a car seat? I mean, really??

2) She totally seemed the type to call and complain that I LET her ride w/out a car seat.

Eeshie said...

No car seat? Is she insane?

Father Luke said...

"She totally seemed the type to call and complain that I LET her ride w/out a car seat."

Yup. The medical rides are really the worst.