"I'm Bambi"

I worked late into the morning yesterday (Mon) as I started late Sun night. Day shift rides are SO much different than the nights ... nowhere near as laid back. And a whole lotta medical calls.

I got sent to a low income hotel downtown to pick up someone and take him/her about 9 blocks to the dentist. I checked out the info and had to do a double take on the name "Bambi Cheerleader". blink blink ... triple blink I had to call the dispatcher and make sure of the name. I mean ... seriously.

Me: Hey there - I'm just checking, is this a persons' actual name or am I looking for someone with pom pom's that rooting for the wildlife?

Disp: Yeah, I know what you mean. I've seen some names come down the pipe but this is definitely one of the odder ones.

Me: No kidding. It says here "plus one" ... that one named Thumper?

Disp: ...

Me: No? How 'bout Flower then?

Disp: Are you done yet?

Me: Not even close, I can do this all day. What about ...

Disp: We're CLEAR. Next cab please.

Harumph. Fine then. I pull up to the hotel, no one outside waiting so I turn off the cab to wander in. (Can I just say I was DYING to yell out the name BAMBI CHEERLEADER to the group of folks sitting in the lobby!!)

As I'm getting out of the car and older gent comes out to ask me who I'm there to pick up. I tell him and he says "I'm Bambi" and gets in the car.

The guy is obviously mentally handicapped so I can't play with that one at all. There's a whole lotta jokes and snide remarks that just fizzled.

Still gotta wonder though.


Paradise Driver said...

At least it wasn't Bond. James Bond. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yikes. And I never would have expected that outcome to your story. Good grief.

Manic Witch said...

*snort* *giggles* *BUSTING OUT LAUGHING!!!*

Ok, until I saw that he is challenged. Darn. Talk about Jokeus interuptus

Anonymous said...

You made that up - Or, your repeating/improvising a joke/story your heard somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought this might be about another Portland resident, "Amazon Bambi" formerly of the band "Smegma".

Anonymous said...

thought of this post of yours when i picked up somebody named "princess chambers" this week. i thought it was a joke until she paid with her credit card and i was able to verify her name.

Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous = the Bambi Cheerleader story is NOT made up. There IS such a man in Portland, due to his being a client of a company I worked for.

Any other assumptions ??