New Years 2007 Roundup

It was filled with drunks and assholes, but nothing too out of control. I survived. heh. Here's a coupla highlights:

1st run o' the night: I had to pick up a fella 'round about 5:30p and take him to the liquor store. There was a line of cars out the parking lot to get a spot that was at least 15 vehicles. I parked on the street w/my flashers - one of the conveniences of driving a cab. While I was waiting for him (about 1/2 hr) a couple of young black men (4 of them, about 18 each) walked up to my passenger side and tried to get in. (I always keep my doors locked to prevent people just hopping in, especially while I'm waiting on someone.) When they couldn't get in one of them knocked on the front window, I rolled it down:

Me: Hey fellas, wassup?

Thug: You busy?

Me: Yeah, sorry, waiting on someone.

Thug: Oh, uh ... he then turns to his friends, one of them points to my front tire. He turns back to me ... Hey. Ok. Um, your front tire is fucked up.

Me: Oh, really? It didn't feel bad when I drove over here.

Thug: Yeah, well, maybe you hit something while you were driving here.

Me: OK. I'll check it out. We sit there staring at each other for a moment.

Thug: Are you going to check it out?

Me: Yup. In a bit. Thanks.

Thug: You should get out and check it now, it's really fucked up.

Me: Ya think? Right now, huh?

Thug: Yeah.

Me: And ... what? You guys are just waiting there in case I need help? Aren't you all fine, upstanding citizens.

They just looked at me for a minute and wandered off. I got out after they left, nothing wrong with the tire. I think those little bastards meant to do me some harm.

Drunks, drunks drunks ... got calls from people I haven't heard from all year ... "Hey, remember me? I know it's been awhile but we can't get through to the cab company and we really need a ride ... " Funny how that works out every major holiday.

At midnight, straight up I had this guy in my cab, not exactly talkative.

Me: HEY! Happy New Year!!

He: I don't celebrate your new year. We have one of our own.

Me: after a moment: Yeah, but obviously I do, so be polite and tell me thank you, then wish me a happy new year.

He did. But he wasn't happy about it. Didn't tip me either. heh.

drunks drunks drunks ... a lot of bar hoppers, one bar to the next, angry people because the cab wouldn't stop for them.

drunks drunks drunks

I have to stop at 5a (have a different cab, different hours: 5p-5a) so about 4:15a I was going to give it up when I get a call from someone I hadn't heard from in about 8 mths, she used to be a regular. She is on one side of the river, just hopping across to the other but couldn't get a cab so she tried me. (We still had about 75 calls sitting on the board to be attended to) I was just down the freeway so I said yes.

I had to stop and get gas 1st (I drove that much), when I got to where she was she came out, gave me $10 and said that she had given her cab away to someone that needed to catch a ride to the 'port as he was flying off to Denver. We had a fairly entertaining chat, I haven't been to Denver since I left Boulder 16 yrs ago and came up here so I was asking all kindsa questions. We get to the 'port and he hands me a 100 for his $30 fare. I give him $60 back and am digging out the rest of the change and he tells me not to worry about it.

Me: Are you sure? I still owe you $9.

He: No, that's fine. And here, take this too. He handed me another $100 bill. Have a great new year.

Me: You too. Thanks.

So, all in all; hectic, frenzied, no damage, high lucrative. Typical New Years Eve.

I hope you all had lovely holiday celebrations, whether you were out and about or just home being safe, snug and - in some cases - newly discovered as elderly. :o)

Personal opinion (or fact if it is): is it New Year's 2007 or 2008? It starts 2007 but ends 2008. Technically my night starts 2007 and ends 2007, no matter time/day I finish. At least for tax purposes. Anyone? ... anyone? Buehler??


Iron Fist said...

Happy New Year! Glad you made it through the night okay.

Donna said...

If you ever just don't show up on your blog, I'll be wondering if you got mugged! You are one brave lady.

The Lily said...


whall said...

You're one smart cookie. I'm glad for that.

What are you going to get for yourself with that little extra sumthin sumthin?

Sizzle said...

i was curious about the 07/08 thing. i think it is the year that's leaving but i'm totally guessing!

Jeanine said...

I think it's the New Year starting in so it's New Year's 2008

rizlablue said...
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rizlablue said...

Well, I figure it's New Year 2008. New Year's EVE was 2007. And - cos our tax year runs July-June, it make no difference here ;*)

Very glad you got through it safely - I was thinking of you working and mentally crossing my fingers.