Thanksgiving 2007

Fairly uneventful. Surprisingly busy. There were only about 15 cabs out from our co. to start the night, but they petered out early so there ended up being about 8 out, me being one of them. Then it got busy. Steady almost all night, and no real stories other than this one.

I get sent to pick up a dude at a bar downtown and take him home to Beaverton 'round about 1a. He was pretty far gone into his drink when I got to him. Fortunately not ill, but he was def angry. And I didn't even realize how angry he was until about 10 minutes into the ride. He was fairly quiet most of the ride then I hear ...

He: I fucking HATE Thanksgiving.

Me: Good thing it only comes around once a year then.

He: Ya wanna know why I hate it?

Me: Uhm, sure. Whatchagot?

He: My fucking family. I hate having to spend time with my fucking family.

Me: Wow. Sorry.

He: My fucking family.

Me: ...

He: They're so damned ... greedy.

Me: ...

He: You know what I mean?

Me: Um, no.

He: Bullshit. Your family has to be the same way, they all are.

Me: I don't think they all are. Maybe it's just the way you're perceiving it.

He: Oh no. They're all greedy motherfuckers.

Me: Well, sorry.

He: Shit. You're working now because you hate your family too right? It's the only reason to be working on Thanksgiving isn't it?

Me: Well, no. Not the only reason. And no, I don't hate my family.

He: Then why are you working?

Me: 'Cuz I'm a greedy bitch. grin

He: Shit. You're lying. You hate your family. Admit it.

Me: No. I don't. And yes, I am a greedy bitch.

He: I don't believe that. If you were you'd be taking me the long way. What's the deal? Why you working? C'mon now.

Me: Honestly?

He: Of course.

Me: I don't have any family.

He: What? Really?

Me: Yup. No family, no man, no kids. I'm always the one that works on holidays so everyone else can be with their family.

He: Wow. That's sad.

Me: Doesn't seem to bother me much. ;o)

He: So, single huh?

Me: Yup.

He: So you don't have to be at home during the holidays.

Me: Yup.

He: You don't have to ... buy presents for anyone.

Me: Other than myself, nope.

He: FUCK! You don't have to celebrate birthdays? Anniversary's! No fucking Christmas presents! No fucking obligatory weddings! No God-damned birthdays! Visiting the fucking in-laws!

And he went on like this for a bit. Spewing out all his anger. If it hadn't have been so sad it might have been funny.

He: I bet you have a nice fucking car too huh?

Me: Nope. I drive a 15-yr old pick up. Uglier'n hell.

He: BullSHIT! You're lying!! You have all kinds of money for car payments and nice clothes. FUCK!! I fucking HATE Thanksgiving!!!

Me: Um, wow. We're here.


Dave2 said...


Not only do you have family, but you're the heir to the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fortune and drive a Porsche. A Porsche CONVERTIBLE!!

Contrary said...

And also, you poop little gold nuggets.

You just drive a cab so you can stay connected to the little people.

Sizzle said...

wow, i hope that guy isn't married cuz he's a huge pill.

Tracy Kaply said...

I'm just surprised he didn't point his finger and scream JUDAS! at you.

BarnGoddess said...

omg, what a loser.

no family? awww I'll gladly share mine.

where should I send them?

Tragerstreit said...

I love the attitude there. It screams, "I don't want to have to give a shit about anyone but myself!"

I'm sure if he just told his friends and family how he felt, they'd gladly let him rot alone. And then he'd complain about how lonely he is and be angry in your cab next year about how all the commercials are just rubbing it in his face that he is O SO ALONE at this JOYOUS TIME OF YEAR, the TIME FOR FAMILY, oh, you don't have one? YOU LOSER, we're so SORRY you pissed them off last year, BETTER LUCK IN 2009 OK.

This type of guy will complain about anything. Including how awesome you are for having listened to his diatribe.

whall said...

That's when you turn your head real slowlike towards the back and ask "Wanna see something REALLY scary?"