There is one particular cab stand that most cabbies try to grab on Fri/Sat nights, it's at the corner of 2nd SW Ash, in the heart of the clubs downtown. I happened to catch it a coupla weekends ago and sitting next to me on the sidewalk were a couple of younger boys with their sign that says "Please support our beer addiction". They thought they were amusing and a few folks were giving them money.

After a few minutes apparently they weren't making enough so they had to come up with a new plan. I was listening in (I was only about 2 ft away from them) to their suggestions. While the discussion was going on one of the boys passed out on the sidewalk. One of the other guys was making fun of him and decided to start drawing on his face with a black Sharpie (Write Out Loud!).

Next thing you know they're offering the folks walking down the street the chance to draw on their friends' face for a dollar.

I left at that point.


Missy said...

AHAHAHAHA. This has made my day. That's awesome.

Paradise Driver said...

And that stuff don't wash off.

His life is going to be interesting for a few weeks.

Donna said...

Another "truth is stranger than fiction" story. Somebody could do a TV series about this stuff. Oh wait, they already did several years back. It was called "Taxi".

I miss ole Jim.

The Lily said...

With friends like that... who needs to pay for entertainment?

Contrary said...

Awww, they're like modern day Tom Sawyers! I hope their buddy gets his cut.

(Also, and please don't think less of me for this..there is every chance I would pay a buck to write on some unconscious guy's face)

Anonymous said...