I try, but I can't save 'em all ...

Stupid drunk girls. I get so irritated when a girl is so drunk she doesn't know where she is or what - or who - she is doing.

I get flagged in front of the Barrel Room downtown last night. 2 foreign guys and a very intoxicated American girl. Very. Head rolling, snorting, leaning to the side drunk. She's in the middle. They are going to one of the guys apartments, just across the bridge, 8 minutes away.

I hear a lot of stupid shit coming out of the back seat, but what I'm hearing most is "Wait a minute, WHO are you guys? Where's Chrissy? Are you friends of hers? Do I know you?" type of questions from her.

One guy is saying he has a g/f so he is just going along to make sure she is o.k. drinking more at the apartment.

We get to the apt and they are having a hard time getting her out of the cab, physically. She's just kinda ... sitting there. So I finally pipe up:

Me: Hey. Are you OK?

She: Um ... yeah. I think so.

Me: Are you sure you want to go with these guys?

Guy: Hey. She's all right. Come on let's go.

Me: Hush now. HEY. Are you SURE you want to go with these guys?

Other guy: You shut up! She is our friend, we will take care of her.

She: Um ... my friends. Do you know Chrissy?

Me: Dude, back away from the cab - RIGHT NOW so I can talk to your "friend". NOW. they both backed off Hey. Listen to me ... very carefully. Are you sure you want to go with these guys?

She: Ummmm. Sure. They're my friends. I think.

Me: It sounds to me like you just met these guys. If you want to go some place else, ANYWHERE I will take you right now. Can we call your friend Chrissy? I don't think you want to go home with these guys. Really.

She: sorta rolls her eyes at me Oh my God. You sound just like my mother. Mind your own fucking business. I'll go home with ... with ... you know. Do What I Want.

Me: Are you SURE?

She: trying to figure out how to get the door open Let me OUT of here! one of the guys opens the door and she stumbles out FUCK YOU MAN. You're just the cab driver ... don't JUDGE me.

One of the guys pays me and they help her in the door.

I can't save 'em all. I'll probably read about her on the internet some day. Stupid drunken ... pssht.


Eeshie said...

The saddest part is that you genuinely tried helping her. And she just...cursed you off. I mean, wow. That's terrible.

Donna said...

Well, you tried. You're a brave lady.

Wavemancali said...

You, my lady, are what's right about society.

Sizzle said...

At least you tried. It could turn into a dangerous situation, maybe it did. Scary!

Lee said...

Bless you. Poor thing. When she thinks of what she could have done or should have done.

Anonymous said...

"don't judge me...you're just the cab driver" wow! i mean, i know alcohol dims yer' wits a bit but shittt, that statement is ALMOST as backward ass as this city. didn't she ever listen to 2pac?! we already know only god can judge anyone, sheeesh! and what with all her crazy, 'ambitionz as a rider', haha. she probably got to sleep that night by telling herself that "cabs...and like...cab...drivers..leave, like, a, WAY bigger carbon footprint than she'll EVER leave." Oh being RIPPED off her ass probably helped too.

Trixie, in a city full of crazy people, it's the reasonable ones who end up looking like the crazies. i admire your unsinkable spirit, especially because i can imagine that people try to sink you every, single night of your work week! (metaphorically speaking, of course hahah)

thank you for your stories <3 moar moar moar! lol

sassycashew said...

you know, it's a world away, but I work in child care in Australia. I work in a slightly 'rougher' side of town and sometimes I feel just like this when I try to explain something to one of our drug furked parents. Something so simple can turn into a moment of them yelling at me. When I first started here, I used to back up a bit and thing Woah! Then I used to try to win them over or shut them down. Now I know the best thing is to try to win them over and try to imprint positive parenting strategies on them, but once they've gone over the top, I just gotta go call mandatory reporting on them. I wish you had options like that. Maybe you could ask her to smile, take her picture and then note the address. "you know, just in case you turn up dead somewhere or on the side of a milk carton"
Glad you offered help though :)