Yes, I'm fine ...

just really busy!

I'm thinking of starting yet another blog about the joys I'm having with all these drivers trying to set me up with their friends. Yup. Loads o' fun there. Ya'll remember what fun it was when you were dating, before you got married, attached, whatever? I was flying along happily in my ignorance until I started working in the office and actually dealing with people for more than just a few minutes at a time. Now I'm interacting. And apparently, pathetically single. So all these guys are trying to find me a man. This is loads of fun. Here's one:

One of the drivers is arguing with a friend on the phone about where he is at that moment. We're in the break room at work, about 10 of us, just kinda killing time, doing paperwork, that kinda stuff. He's a little loud. As I walk by him he tells me to tell the guy where he is at right now and holds the phone out to me. I lean down, real close to the phone and say:

Me: Baby, come back to bed, I NEED you NOW!!

The guy with the phone freaks out! Heh.

Me: Good thing that wasn't your girlfriend, huh?!

And I walk off.

So about 5 minutes later he walks up to me and hands me his phone:

Dr: He wants to talk to you.

Me: Who?

Dr: My friend. He thinks you have a great voice.

Me: I don't wanna talk to ANY friend of yours.

Dr: Come on. I can't talk to the guy, he won't shut up about you.

Me: Aw jeez. All right. 'Lo?

He: Hi! My name is Mike. What's yours?

Me: Your friend didn't tell you?

He: Well, yeah. He did.

Me: ... then why you asking? I don't make ANYthing easy.

He: Um. Well ...

Me: Don't work to well under pressure do you?

He: I ... wait. What?

Me: Nevermind. What's up?

He: I want to meet you.

Me: Well, let's not waste any time here. How about I get your number from your friend and call you later? I'm actually working here.

He: Yes. That's great! Call me later.

Me: All right. Toodles.

So I get Dude's number and call him about 8p last night.

Me: Hey, it's Trixie. You busy?

He: No! Wow. I didn't think you'd call.

Me: Why, are you heinous?

He: Am I what?

Me: Ugly? Deformed? Socially unacceptable?

He: Um ... I'm not ugly.

Me: snort All right. I'll let you go on this one. What's going on?

He: Where are you at?

Me: Home. How about you?

He: I'm giving a friend a ride home. Can I stop by your house?

Me: Hell no.

He: ... what?

Me: Hell. No. What part of that don't you understand?

He: Why not?

Me: Seriously? I haven't met you, why would I let you come to my house?

He: I just want to meet you.

Me: How about we decide if we like each other on the phone before we get to the going-to-your-home part, eh?

He: Ok. So ... can I stop by?

Me: I'm done talking to you.

He: What? Why?

Me: You're an idiot. And I don't talk to idiots. Unless I'm getting paid for it that is.

He: So ... that mean I can't come by?

Me: Good bye. and I hung up the phone


So he called me back about 5 minutes later. As if once wasn't enough.

Me: Hello?

He: Hey, it's Mike. Sorry, I just dropped off my friend. We've been drinking since about 3 this afternoon and he was getting a little loud.

Me: So this is the socially unacceptable part, right?

He: What do you mean?

Me: Not only are you an idiot for not understanding what the word "no" means but you drink and drive as well, eh?

He: Heh. Ok. Maybe. Can I come over?

Me: click

And he's called me about 10 times since then. I'm only concerned that he's going to show up at work while I'm there like the last one did. I'll tell you about that one some other time.

Gawd, I love being single. :o)


Scheets said...

It was great to read another great story on your blog.

Thanks for being so prompt after my request. :)

...Unless it was a coincidence. :(

Glad everything is well with you!


Sizzle said...

What a tool!

I don't miss being single. I think if I am ever single again, I will just pretend I am not so I can avoid men like that.

Gilighan Qabista said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. way to go!