Ya know how you have the perfect response if some wild situation EVER comes up ... ?

Well, it happened!!

Sitting in the office one night, twiddling my thumbs (playing Pinball on the 'puter as we don't have 'net access) when I get a call.

Me: Trixie Cab, this is Trixie.

He: Hey Trixie, this is Habib. (NOT his real name)

Me: Hey Habib. What's shakin'?

He: I'm locked in my car.

Me: Yeah, right. What's really going on?

He: No. I'm serious. I'm locked in my car.

Me: thinking this guy has never really joked with me before so he might be serious Um, your cab?

He: No personal car.

Me: ... Seriously?

He: I'm not kidding you.

Me: Dude ... you're locked IN your car??

He: As silly as that sounds, yes.

Me: Well hell. Is the top down?? this is the one I've had stored up for years, I'm sure you've all heard various blonde jokes about this situation.

He: Um ... what?

Me: Sorry, American humor, you wouldn't get it. So, where you at?

He: In the parking lot.

Me: What kinda car you got? he told me And what is it you're expecting me to do? I'm guessing your keys are in there with you, yes?

He: Yeah.

Me: Can you roll the windows down? I couldn't help it ... this was some funny shit!!

He: Come on now Trixie, I have no power to my car. The doors are locked, no windows, etc. Can you come out here, please?

Me: Sure, but what do you want me to do ... break a window?

He: NO! I have a set of spare keys in the cab, it's still running in front of where I'm parked. Just come get them and let me out.

Me: Hunh. All right. Be right there.

As I was walking out there he came running up, apparently the back door was unlocked so he crawled through the seats to get out.

This amused the bejesus outta me.


Sizzle said...

That happened to me once (kind of) and I felt like a complete jackass:


whall said...

Since Sizzle broke the "I have a similar story and I have a link to prove it" ice...

My story is leaving the keys in the car while it was running while my son and I went to watch a movie.

Yeah. Cost me some gas, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

After reading your blogs I have concluded your a talented writer, too bad your not the honest and decent person you claim to be.

Mel said...

LOL @ Anonymous. Way to try to discredit someone without actually having the balls to name yourself. Yeah, that's gonna work.

As to the story: Dude, Trixie, that is GOLD. Comedy GOLD. Comics have gone to their graves lamenting the fact that something as awesome as this never happened in their own lives.

Miss you! Post more!

Trixie said...

Um, help me out here but have I ever claimed to be honest and decent? Really?? I tell my stories. Whatever comments I get I roll with, and truly appreciate, but I do what I do.

And not to put too fine 'a point on it, but honestly, can you not look at some of the stuff I say and see that while - yes - I may help people out when I can, I'm certainly no saint.

The only honestly I've ever claimed was that all this crap actually happens in my cab.

Sigh ... there I go, trying to justify myself again.

John said...

Hi Trixie, I just gave you a link on my Dublin blog.
I love the layout.

Scheets said...

Hey there Trixie! Hope everything is well with you. I haven't been writing much... but I haven't been flying much either! I flew today for the first time in three months! I did go to Costa Rica a few weeks ago, though.

Take care!