I walked in on the middle of a conversation this a.m. ...

while getting gas at the Shell station, and I'm sure the first part of this conversation had to have been fascinating. Two ppl behind the counter, one foreign girl and American guy and customer, a National Guard guy.

She: You know who I think should be President?? Steven Seagal. I think he'd kick ass all over those foreigners.

Color me intrigued.

He1: Yeah!! Good choice! What about Schwarzeneggar? Didn't you see "Predator"?? He would totally kick Seagal ass AND the rest of the world.

She: Yeah, too bad he can't be president because he wasn't born here. I can't believe that's a LAW.

NGguy: You know the problem is that we live in the cesspool of the world. That's what I'm here for ... to clean up this country and make it what it used to be ... SAFE for the American people.

I was just standing there smiling at them all. Apparently it didn't look like a genuine smile 'cuz the guy behind the counter had to ask me who I thought should be President.

Me: Aw hell. I'm thinking that if you ppl are going to elect another actor into office it should be Chuck Norris, 'cuz really, who has EVER beat him? No one.

All of them agreed with me. It was quiet for a second while I paid for my fuel so I had to ask:

Me: Are ya'll planning on voting next month?

Two behind the counter said no. Nat Guard guy said yes.

Me: looking at the two behind the counter It's a damned shame you two aren't voting.

And I left.


Anonymous said...

It's always bizarre what you hear people talking about out there. Especially now a days when everyone is so political (or not) with what's going on in our economy. I for one am voting, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE AT AGE 33! I can't believe it myself sometimes how I could ignore such serious issues out there, but yet I bitched about them. So now I'm taking a stand and putting in my vote.
Hey, i think it kicks ass you have this blog, AND that you drive a taxi all night...that's pretty kick ass all by itself. Well keep on' bloggin taxi girl, and I'll keep on readin'!

kapgar said...

While I can't say they'd be the most educated of voters, it's still a shame they don't exercise their right.

King of New York Hacks said...

actually Bruce Lee killed him in Return of the dragon....but I'd vote for him !!

whall said...

And it's a shame Obama evidently wasn't born here either and is therefore ineligible to be President... :(

Think I'm joking? Obamacrimes.com tells me it's true, so it must be!

Anonymous said...

"It's a damned shame you two aren't voting."

I totally agree with your statement. Judging purely by the NGguy's comment I'd rather the American vote was not soley made up of people like him.

Of course what I just said is dreadfully ignorant of me. I don't know the NGguy as a person here I am shoving him into a stereotype, which is probably wrong of me.

Speaking of being completely ignorant...

I want Obama to be the next American president just because he is black. I have no idea what his policies are, I just want something radically different and see what happens.