I got a phone call this morning ...

'round about 3. It went like this:

He: Is this Trixie the cab driver?

Me: Yup. Can I help you?

He: I don't know if you'll remember me but you gave me a ride home about a week ago. I was really drunk ... ?

Me: Doesn't really narrow it down for me, did you do anything specific that made you memorable?

He: You said I was sufficiently hot. That ring a bell?

Me: No I didn't. I would never say something like that.

He: You did. I SWEAR.

Me: Wait ... wait ... I'm getting a flash here ... I said you were incipiently hot.

He: You said ... wait ... what? What's that mean?

Me: You were almost hot but not quite there yet. But that's neither here or there. You in need of a ride?

He: Yeah. Can you come get me?

Me: Possibly. Where and when?

He: I'm at the Justice Center downtown. And I'm hoping soon.

Me: Ah. Gotcherfineself arrested didja?

He: Yeah. Something stupid. Can you come and get me?

Me: Sure. Be about ... 15. That work for ya?

He: Yes. Please! Oh, and ... well ... ummmm ...

Me: Spit it out. Wassup?

He: Well, I'm hoping you can bail me out.

Me: ...

He: Still there?

Me: You're shittin' me right?

He: No. I don't know who else to call. Pleeeeeeease??

Me: There has GOT to be someone else you can call.

He: No. I tried my folks, they aren't answering the phone. My friends aren't allowed to have their phones on this late. I'm stuck here and need some help!

Me: Well, I'm certainly not going to bail you out of jail BUT I will drive to your folks house and try to wake them up. You're off South Shore drive in Lake O right?

He: Really? You'd do that?! Oh wow ... that is so cool of you!

etc etc

I woke up his folks. They weren't exactly happy, but they were glad I went 'n got them up.


Sizzle said...

You are a seriously nice person.

magnus68 said...

That is hilarious! So how the hell did you explain to his parents about him being in jail? LO huh?...crazy.

NYC taxi photo said...

oh, man, I can't even come through and pick my friends up. seriously, extra mile there.

Iron Fist said...

Oh, those zany Lake O kids. What would they do without their parents to bail them out?

Anonymous said...

I'm a journalist, I'm trying to find female cab drivers for an article I'm working on. If you have a minute, could you please call me at 571-970-1111?

rizlablue said...

That is so good of you - hilarious and lovely that he called you :*)

Gilighan Qabista said...

You're awesome. Keep it up. This world needs people like you.

Steve said...