"And what do you suppose I named my daughter?"

I got sent to this nasty little neighborhood to pick up this lady and take her a short distance away. We got off to a good start, laughing about something someone in the parking lot was doing and whatnot. And then it happened ... my mouth outpaced my brain. Again.

She: I have to go buy my son some birthday presents later today.

Me: How old is your son?

She: He just turned 13.

Me: Wow. He's a teenager now. You excited about that?

She: No. Courvoisier has quite the mouth on him. I don't think it's going to get better as he gets older.

Me: I think that's a boy thing. They don't get any better as they get older.

She: Ain't that the truth.

Me: So you named your son Courvoisier? That's actually kinda cool. One I hadn't heard before.

She: Yeah. My sister named her daughter Brandy so I had to come up with something higher class. We both laughed at that.

Me: Shoot. Too bad you didn't have twins you could have named the other Hennessy. :o) I thought it was funny. Silly me.

She: Actually, his little brother IS named Hennessy.

Me: Well there ya go. :o) Still thinking we were laughing about it. To be fair, she laughed at that.

She: And what do you suppose I named my daughter?

Me: In keeping with the "classy" alcohols, I would guess Cristal.

She: No. We had just stopped and she was paying me at this point. Her name is not Cristal, you racist bitch.

Me: WHAT? It's not like I said you named her Alize'. Jeez.

She got out and slammed the door.

Damn. Whaddaya say to that?


Real cab driver said...

I once heard of a woman who named her daughter vagina because she thought it sounded so pretty. The guy telling the story commented that if she'd had a son, perhaps she could have named him fellatio. You only hear these kind of things in a cab, know what I mean?

King of New York Hacks said...

hey a lot better than a guy I know who named his kid " Fidel Hitler "...i kid you not

whall said...

I still don't understand the racist part.