It's not that I don't have stories ...

I'm just getting kinda bored with the internet thang. ::sigh:: Nothing against you'se guys, I miss ya all, it's a weather thing. I wanna be out there enjoying the sun. I'm sure lots of you understand.

I'll write something more ... sometime ... soon ... ish.


I forgot I promised to say something to these guys:

Picked up these two younger-ish fellas from a bus stop at SW Washington and 4th. One flags me and gets in the car and yells at the other to get in.

He: Hey! Pringle!! Get in the car.

Me: You named your friend after a potato chip? Wassup w/that?

He: Oh yeah. His name's Matt Pringle and he loves it when people ask him about his name.

Me: I bet.

He: No really. Ask him.

Me: Nope. I make it a point not to do what people tell me to.

He: just looks at me real funny

Me: Yeah, I'm real popular with the boys.

Meanwhile his friend lopes back to the cab and opens the door.

He: Hey man, show her why you like it when people ask you about your name!

Dude finishes opening the door, turns around, pulls his pants down to his knees and points at his left ass cheek where there is a tattoo of the Pringle guy.

Me: Nice. Nice ass. I suppose now you want a sweet-ass deal on the ride huh?

Groans all around. :o)



whall said...

too bad Pringles aren't made by Lays...

(insert bad joke here)

(too late)

Katrina said...

That's funny. =) I have been missing your stories, but I know what it's like to want to be out in the sunshine. =)

Paradise Driver said...

I read about sunshine once. Its like a full moon, only hotter. Right?

If you don't feel like writing, just leave us some of your artwork every so often

&hearts ya. L8tr.

Grax said...

Worry not gorgeous, for I have a solution for your need to be out in the sun whilst keeping us readers satisfied with your stream of stories.

Get yourself a PDA-type device that can connect to T'internet, write your blogs on the move! There you are! You get to be outside basking in the solar radiation, we get your stories and everyone can see what a blogging geek your are.

And everyone know that geeky girls are super hawt. ;-)

.... Or failing that, go with Paradise Driver's suggestion of posting up artwork.

Dave2 said...

I wonder how many times he's dropped his pants since he's had that tattoo?

Iron Fist said...

Unpublished alternate ending:

TRIXIE: That's a nice tattoo and all, doll, but now that you've gone ahead and flashed me your whole package maybe your friends ought to call you "Shrinky Dink."