So, no blog-worthy stories ... until this one.

And it's just sad.

I got sent to pick up a young girl and her friends Saturday night from Denny's @ the Lloyd Ctr. 2 girls, 2 guys, all about 18 +/- and loud. Arguing the whole way out to about 119th and NE Sandy. They changed their minds 4 times as to where they were going. Not a whole lot that can be more annoying to a cabbie. We all have our ways of getting somewhere, mine is usually the most direct. If the freeway's involved that's great, if not I'll factor in lights and traffic. The freeway is my friend.

Anyway. I get them out there, it's $29 on the meter (would have only been about $16 w/out the scenic route). They start arguing about who's going to pay what, etc. Loud, cussing, yelling at each other and bitching about how much it cost to me. I tried - once - to explain why it cost so much but they weren't listening so I gave up and just waited for them to work it out.

They all hand their money to the bigger - and I assume - older of the 4. Consequently the loudest as well. It's all in crumpled up one's. She has a handful. Starts to count it out then she says:

BG: Hey guys, I can't count this high.

Me: blink

Other Girl: You know I can't count that either.

Me: ahem Hey, I can count your money for you if you'd like.

BG: Ha-yell no! My momma tol' me to never trust no cab driver. Now I know's why since it cost so much to get here. I'm just looking at her in the mirror. She smirks at me and says to her friends: One'a ya'll count this.

Boy1: Whaddaya mean you cain't count that high?

BG: I don't NEED to count. My momma does it for me.

Me: Look, the meter's running while you sit here so why don't you count it out in groups of 5. When you get to 6 groups, that's thirty dollars.

BG: WHAT? I ain't PAYin' you while's we sit here. You think we's STUPID?

Me: Nope. BUT, if you're in the car, the meter's running. Count out your money and let's get going.

She started counting, slowly, when the other guy grabbed it for her and started counting. Quickly. Thankfully.

Boy2: So what all does your momma count for you if you can't count money?

BG: My momma counts my babies and tells me that if I have one more than I'll get enough money for rent on my own place.

The kid hands me my money and they get outta the car.

I almost cried. Gotta start seriously being concerned for our future.


Sizzle said...

OMG that is just awful. She's 18 and can't count but is having multiple kids?


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude. :-(

Dave2 said...

Hey... about all you can do anymore is weep for the future. :-(

The Lily said...

*stunned silence* Wow.

chefann said...

That makes me want to cry, too.

(Although I'm secretly happy that idiotic teens aren't just a local phenomenon - this proves they exist in other parts of the country as well.)

Manic Witch said...

We once had a 19 year old patient who "no-showed" an appointment and when we called her she gave us the excuse "well, no one called me to wake me up." WTF??? I don't even do that for MY kids, what makes you think I am doing that for someone else? Especially a 19 year old?
I'm crying right along with you.

Larry said...

I wish I were surprised. I spent a little time around D.C. and heard more than a few of the practically verbatim comments from other kids having kids.

I still have a disbelieving look of disgust on my face that the only thing she cares about in the world is squeezing out more kids so she can "get enough money" that she couldn't be bothered to earn.

I shudder to think WHERE those kids were at right then... -sigh-

Rick said...


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