Interesting Night ...

I got sent to ST V's ER twice to pick up 3 different customers in one night:

* I got info on my screen that says "cust in waiting area". Great, that means I get to go into the - usually - packed waiting room where people are yelling and screaming, crying, etc and yell out for someone that won't give their cell # or wait outside or near the door for me to get there. I do so ... cust's name is "Loughridge".

I yell out for "Low-ridge". No answer. I yell out again (I only give them 2 tries) and I hear a woman yell back "Are you trying to find someone named 'Luff-ridge'? You MUST be the cab driver to pronounce it like THAT. *snort* Idiot! No wonder it took you so long to get here. You probably got lost."

I homed in on her voice as she's berating me, most everyone else in the waiting room was looking at me, quite a few were snickering. She is busy packing up her stuff and laughing with the person sitting next to her while pointing at me.

Me: I'll be sure and tell the next cab driver how to pronounce your name. And I turn around to leave.

She: Hey!! Where are you going?

Me: Well, I'm sure you don't want someone as idiotic as me driving you home. I might get lost and then be late. Don't worry, it's Friday night, it should only take another hour or two to get you a different cab. Have a good night.

* Picked up this older fella (mid-50's) that was waiting at the door for me. As I'm taking him home he's telling me about how he ended up in the ER - car accident. I make the appropriate sounds and he expounds to tell me that his wife was driving - at HIS demand - even though they were both drunk after a party.

He: Hell yeah, we were both drunk, I wasn't near as drunk as she was but there is no WAY I'm going to get a DUI so I made her drive. Stupid woman drives around the corner and runs head-on into someone else. Me and the person in the other car both went to the ER, my wife went to jail. Stupid woman.

Me: So, uh, how's the other person?

He: How the hell would I know?

I left that one alone.

* About 3a I get sent back to pick up this tiny, little old lady. I'm guessing she's in her mid-80's. I got her from one of the nurses pushing her in a wheelchair. Really sweet woman, we had an interesting chat about crafting and whatnot. When it gets quiet she starts talking.

She: almost whispering I can't believe I did this again.

Me: I'm sorry, were you talking to me? I make it a personal policy to not ask questions when I'm picking up from a hospital, I often hear things I wanna know nothing about.

She: No ... but ... I can't believe I did this again.

Me: What's that? Still not quite sure what she's speaking of.

She: I got a DUI.

Me: blink You were drinking and driving?

She: Yes. Again.

Me: You make this a habit, do ya? grin

She: This is my 4th. The nice police officer said they will probably take my license this time. How am I going to go dancing NOW? My son is going to KILL me!



Tracy Lynn said...

OMG, that last one? JUST NUTS.

Anonymous said...

all of em are nuts....

Dave2 said...

See? You should have blown off work and come hang with us at the Montage! :-)

Sizzle said...

She goes dancing at 80? While I don't want to be getting DUIs I kind of hope I will still have the gumption to dance.

Jessie said...

You think #3 was married to #2?

Rick said...

You absolutely must track #3 down and bring us some video!

lyle said...

Oh man, these stories are not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling when i think about starting to drive a cab.

There really should be a statute on the books where you have to spend at least a day in jail for proven acts of extreme douchebaggery, like the first two people here are clearly exhibiting.

How great would it be to have Mr. 'DUI is great by me!' in your cab talking like that, have a camera in there capturing every second of it, and then calling the non-emergency number, getting a cop to show up who watches the tape, and having his sorry ass hauled away?

Okay, i know that's a little bit Stalin-ish, but fuck it! Haul these jackasses off!!

BarnGoddess said...

glad you left Luftwhatever in the ER, rude witch...

the drunk guy? what an ass

little ole lady???omg! hope they take her license.

what a night for you!