"So ... ya married?"

I had to pick up a 30-ish looking fella from St Vincent's on account and take him to Hillsboro at about 1:30a a few nights ago. I walked into the hosp and yelled out his name, he walked with me out to the car and said "Go out to TV Hwy and I'll tell you where to turn."

Okee dokee. We take off. I look over and dude's staring at me. Not your average "how's
a girl end up cab driving" kinda look, but more of the "I'm gonna get you out in the middle of nowhere, skin you and live inside your body for a month" kinda look.

Me: So. How's your night? Other than the hospital visit that is? grin

He just stares at me.

Me: You doing all right over there?

He just stares at me.

I'm starting to get a bit creeped out but I think I could take him so I'm not overly concerned for my welfare. He's just a weirdo, probably not a serial killer in training type o' guy.

So I just shut up, turn up the music and let him stare at me the whole 20 odd minutes out there. We finally get to where he has to give me directions.

He: Turn right at the next light.

Me: Okee dokee.

He: Looking quite intently at my *ahem* chest. So. Ya married?

Me: Um ... Nope.

He: just looks at me for a bit again then Ya got a boyfriend?

Me: Um ... Sure.

He: Can I be your boyfriend too?

Me: Oh, I'm sorry, where I live we're only allowed one boyfriend per county. You know how it is on the eastside.

He: after a few seconds But if you could have another boyfriend would it be me?

Me: Um, sure. Of course it would. I'll let you know when the county changes the laws. K?

He: smiles Cool. I got a girlfriend.

Then he stopped talking again and pointed to his house. I was happy to get him outta there.


Tragerstreit said...

*shudder* I do NOT have the guts to handle your job.

Heidi said...

Yikes, that guy was creepy.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should re-name you site to "creepy people I've lived through in my cab" ^_^ good luck out there~ drive safe.