Guess who's back?!

My new friend Bud from "My Fare City". He's politely asking me to change my title again. You can check it out here http://heardinmycab.blogspot.com/2006/10/dont-air-our-business-in-front-of-cab.html

Bud, I already addressed the title changing, and the comments for that matter, earlier. So are you sticking by the fact that you do actually own these 2 words we share? Would all in your world really be better if I were to change the title of my blog? I'm feeling pretty powerful right now. :o)

Thank you Bud, for the "good content" comment.

Happy New Year!


Jenn said...

So this guy's going back through your archives now to harass you about your title? Good farkin grief.

Now I'm gonna go off and create a blog of my own and call it Jenn's Fare City just to tick him off. LOL.

Dave2 said...

Google hits for "fare city" minus "bud carson" = 565.

I guess you're in good company?

I actually first heard the pun back in 1983 from a driver in New Orleans. To claim it as exclusive is kind of strange when it's been around forever, isn't it?

tragerstreit said...

wasn't 'Fare city' used in a Bugs Bunny cartoon or something? Is he going to sue Warner Brothers for peremptively stealing his copyright before he even had it?

Oh, and there's a cabbie in Edinburgh - published - who uses the same words. Is dear old Bud gonna go after him, too?

tragerstreit said...

Oh. And all of his works are copyrighted no earlier than 1998. while http://www.cuisinenet.com/cafe/fare_city/index.html
has been using it since 1997.

So chew on that, Bud.

DriverD1 said...


I like reading your cab stories. Want to link to each other's blog? If that's cool, email me at drrnglnn@yahoo.com

FlatStan said...

What's Bud gonna sue you for? Screw him, change your blog name to what it was originally. Make him spend his money to hire an attorney to draft a cease and desist letter first before changing your title.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is bud smokin'? 'cause it must be damn good! ^_^ screw that!
Btw, I loved your new years eve. It rocked!

~ja ne

Anonymous said...

holy crap!

Bud's a freakin' dick!!! whiny little...

Keep up the good work~! ^_^

Anonymous said...

You know, I read BUD back when his writings were posted on some website.. 1997-1999 ish maybe? I even bought his self-published book way back when. I enjoyed reading him and I'm truly sad he's being a total asshat about this.