"Can you play any music less GAY than this?"

I'm just passing this one along because it amused me ...

As I drive by a gay bar in town called CC Slaughters I get hailed by a gent standing there. He hops in and we're off to outer se Ptld.

After about 1.5 minutes we're already trading horror stories from our 'travels' ... I'm telling him about a gay guy I picked up that was very graphically adamant about the fact that since I wore a baseball cap I was a lesbian.

He is a DJ at the bar I just picked him up from.

He: I tell you what I love is the straight guys that come in here with their girlfriends and don't realize right away that they're in a gay bar. I tell you, one time we had this cute little hottie come in and walked up to me and the bouncer next to me, who happens to be the only straight bouncer we have, and said to me "Dude, do you think you could play some music that's less GAY than this?"

After about 30 seconds of just staring at him I said "Could you BE any less clueless?" ... he stared at me for a few seconds. I said "Dude, look at the walls." He looked up and FInally realized that we had gay porn playing on the screens on the walls and I said "I could not play anything less gay than THAT."

He got this scared look in his eye and said "Wow. I think it's time for me to leave."

And I said, completely serious, "And you'd better run because we haven't met our quota this month."

He just kinda screamed and ran for the door. Me and the bouncer laughed for hours about him.

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