Phone conversation with another driver ...

... male, Ethiopian, amusing and easily understood (!).

blah blah blah ...

He: Yeah. That's one of the reasons why I prefer American women to African.

Me: Hm. What is? Exactly.

He: African women talk to each other about men too much.

Me: You mean gossip? We all do that, it's a human thing, not just man/woman.

He: Yeah, but African women get more detailed. Once you sleep with one woman and she finds out you have a small dick then she tells every other woman in the country and you never have sex again.

Me: admirably suppressing my laughter Hunh. And you're thinking white women aren't like that? Maybe we just don't have as large a group of friends as the ladies in Africa.

He: Maybe. I don't think so.

blah blah blah

He: So are you EVER going to go out with me?

Me: Not now that I've found out you have a small dick, no.



whall said...


"yeah, I heard about you..."

rizlablue said...

I just snorted wine out of my nose... Good to see you back commenting :*)

rizlablue said...

I mean posting!!!

Scheets said...

Good to see you back Trixie!

Gilighan Qabista said...

nice one