"... told him she was only 17 know what he said?"

Sometimes as the cab driver I am invisible to those ppl that wouldn't deign to speak to me. I get it, I do. BUT ... I think they should be a bit more careful about what they speak about. Just 'cuz I'm invisible doesn't mean I'm deaf.

I picked up the director and lead camera guy for a t.v. show that's being filmed here in Ptown every year ( 4 seasons now). I got this from listening to them talk. Our ride ended up being a bit longer than necessary 'cuz instead of them telling me where they wanted to go they gave me an address. When I got them there and quizzed 'em on it turned out they wanted the other side of the bridge. No big deal. Learned some interesting things about some of the actors on the show.

BTW: Not going to say which show (can you say "law suit"? :) but let's say the main actor they're talking about is named ... James. James ... Button. Yeah. (who I've picked up a few times and honestly, is getting a rep around town for being unfriendly to the "help" so I don't feel bad talking about him ... anonymously that is. :)

Dir: Well, what can you expect? She's over 40 so of COURSE she's going to try and tell you how to light her while filming.

Cam: Did I tell you what James did?

Dir: Oh God. What now?

Cam: He was standing next to one of my assistants and saw so-and-so's daughter and told him to get her number for him.

Dir: NOOOO! This guy is killing me ... covering his ass all the time. He'll fire us all if he finds out.

Cam: I know. But when my assis. told him she was so-and-so's daughter and he thought about it for a minute...

Dir: Tell me he changed his mind??

Cam: No! When my assis. told him she was only 17 know what he said??

Dir: I'm afraid to hear.

Cam: He told my guy "So give her MY number and tell her to call me."

Dir: I keep telling these people to stop using their under-aged kids as extras. Shit! We have to find a way to get her off the set w/out so-and-so finding out.

AND ... we have a new section to this lovely blog boys and girls ... Viewer Mail! In which our heroine will show the emails sent to her and respond w/something probably snarky. :)

My email:

Been reading your blog for a while now and have never commented or posted, however, thought it was time to do so. First and foremost, you are a very talented writer and artist and I’m grateful that you share those talents with the world.
Secondly, I have shared your blog with several other PDX’ers, and I always get asked “Is that picture really her?”. I of course have to tell them “Don’t know, I’ve never met her. I’d like to think it is!”. Followed by “Every day I find myself going out of my way to look at the driver of every cab I see. I’d like to tell her how much I appreciate the stories and art.”
So that brings me to the third and final part of this e-mail...Is the picture on your blog you?
Please keep sharing with the world!

Dear Dennis:

I appreciate and thank you for your comments and readership. As much as I'd like to say this is me, it's not. It's some random pic found on the webz. If this were me I would imagine this would be a whole different blog and I'd be making *much* larger tips. ;)
Keep looking though. Imagine there has to be at least one cab driver out there that looks like this.

Although I will say I got a $50 tip earlier this morning. Not a very interesting story: some drunken idiot trying to get me to "dance" with him while we were driving and I finally had to slap his hand for playing w/the buttons on my meter and my radio. Seems I make more when someone is trying to apologize for being an ass. Could make for interesting blog fodder tho.


Donna said...

You made me go to Google to find out what show and actor you were talking about. I found it. Don't watch the show, but this, as always, is a great entry.
Wait, is that inappropriate for a 67-year-old woman to say?
Oh well.

Paradise Driver said...

I. too, Googled to discover who the creep was. Surprised! He must pay his PR people really good to keep him out of the news. Thankfully, most 17yo girls are not interested in guys past the half-century mark.

Anonymous said...