Having sex in a taxi ...

... is not as glamorous as you think.


And while I may or may not have been exceedingly impressed with the fact that you stayed hard for the entire 25 minute ride, I was quite astounded with you feeling the need to ask me if I had noticed.

Thanks for that.




Tracy Kaply said...



adena said...

Um, ew.

I don't know as I'd want to ever have sex in a TAXI...I mean, who KNOWS who has been sitting where your...um..."unclothed" bits are pressed up against?

And 25 minutes? Pshaw. That's nothing. :)

Larry said...

and then that line from Taxi Driver, er, comes to mind...

Paradise Driver said...

My thought, when that happens, is: "I hope they don't get stains on the upholstery".

Sizzle said...

um, ew.

but 25 mins, that's impressive, right?


whall said...

Weren't you going to get a camera installed?

And I'm kinda surprised you didn't let them get 5-6 minutes into it and demand they get out.

rizlablue said...

PMSL! I've left you a Christmas present and a possible solution on my blog - carols have always been a passion-killer for me!

Dave2 said...

Naaaah... I would have been more impressed had he been driving during those 25 minutes!

Iron Fist said...

Taxi sex is nowhere NEAR as glamorous as Skidmore Fountain sex. You know, that's what I've heard, anyway.

The Lily said...

Can't you just pepper spray them? "It was coming RIGHT AT ME!" is a viable defense.

Geh. Some people have no class.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice it, that dude has to pay for sex.


Mel said...

Blugh. Aside from an expression of semi-prudish disgust, I'm speechless.
Really? In a cab? With an audience?

TrixieTaxi said...

This one is fun isn't it? heh.

Tracy: I knew you'd get a kick outta this one. :o)

Adena: I'm guessing (since I was driving with my eyes closed) that - like any smart woman having illicit sex - that shew as on top.

Larry: I should so fashion my cabbie career after that movie. If it wasn't for the mohawk ...

PD: My thoughts as well.

Sizzle: "um, ew" Yup.

Whall: Trust me, you wouldn't want to have seen this. As long as they don't want me to watch I'm ok. I mean, it happens. A lot. Sadly. I could tell you some stories. :o)

Dave2: Good to know you have standards. heh.

Fist: Aaaaahhhhh, THAT explains it.

Lily: eeeeeeewwwwww.

Contrary: heh.

Mel: No audience. I wasn't watching. I was driving with my eyes closed. Think THAT would impress Dave2?!

rizlablue said...

Whoops - it's there now!

BarnGoddess said...

eww......lysol disinfectant comes to mind.

Ihoep they tipped you well!