"So ... you waited until she bent down to tie her shoes?"

I picked up a couple from The Kennedy School and took them to a friends' home in outer SE Ptown. We were chatting and got around to the "where are you from" variety of questions. After a few hilarious questions/answers I get that He is from Utah, she is from LA.

Me: I used to live in Sandy, UT but never in LA. Gotta be quite a culture shock huh?

He: Yeah. It's rough being from Utah and being liberal.

Me: What? NO. Is that even possible?

He: And to make it better I'm a Jew.

Me: Holy Chri ... wow. And they LET YOU OUT??

He: Well ... yeah. I suppose. But don't tell anyone.

Me: Hunh. So it wasn't so much a "get out of town and club a woman over the head to take her back and procreate" as it was an "escape plan" eh?

She: Yeah, 'cuz us 6 foot tall Chinese women are so easy to club.

Me: looking at them in the rear view So ... you waited until she bent down to tie her shoes?? :)

They were funny folks. Here for a wedding.