Random Portland Facts...

One of the fun things about driving a cab is that people are often asking questions about Portland, I wander around the 'nets trying to find interesting things to tell visitors.

The Taco Bell at 21st and W Burnside has the busiest Fri and Sat night sales out of all the TBell's in this country. (according to the grave manager in the window)

Portland has the smallest city park inside the city limits of any city in this country: Mill End Park. It is 2.5 feet in diameter.

Portland's Forest Park has over 5,000 sq acres, it's the largest urban wilderness in this country.

Portland has more strip clubs, per capita, than any other city in this country.

Portland has more micro breweries inside their city limits than any other city in the world.

Portland has the second largest copper hammered statue in the country. Largest being the Statue of Liberty: Portlandia.

Portland has the filthiest river in the country running right thru downtown: the Willamette.

Portland is the 23rd largest city in this country. 3rd largest on the west coast.

Multnomah County (dntn Portland) is - geographically - the smallest county in the country with the largest population.

Harney county in Oregon is larger than 10 of the states in the US.

Oregon is the 10th largest state in the country.

It is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon.

In 2008 voted:

#1 for Greenest Cities (Popular Science)
#5 for Cleanest Cities (Forbes)
#1 best city to have a baby (Fit Pregnancy)
#2 largest bicycle commuter city (Bicyclist)

Portland and Bend, OR are the only 2 contiguous US cities built w/extinct volcanoes inside their city limits.

We have no sales tax in Oregon. But we make up for it with property and income taxes.


Sizzle said...

I've always wanted to know WHY they don't let you pump your gas. When I was there visiting a few months ago I asked the guy pumping the gas and he had no answer. He said it was maybe because the folks thought it was safer.

I was not satisfied with his explanation.

Paradise Driver said...

Too the previous comment, I was told that it was a job preservation law.

I love details like that. And I found that the out-of-area passengers did too.

Dave2 said...

I am moving to Portland tomorrow. Mind if I crash at your place for a year or two while I find a job and search for an apartment?

Iron Fist said...

Mill's End Park!

Oh yeah, and one more trivia fact: Portland has the best fucking bloggers in the nation, too!

Tragerstreit said...

Some of those I knew. Most of them, I did not. Yowza.

Trixie said...

Sizz: Yeah, it's a job thing: creates a load of min. wage jobs. Keeps the prices down as well - somehow. That's why we are less than you'se guys up north. Our min wage is 7.55 - about 3rd highest in the nation.

Wil: Yeah, it's fun throwing random facts at people sometimes.

Dave: Um ... sure. A year would be all right but I'm thinking 2 might be taking advantage. I'm betting you could get a job as a petroleum transfer technician. Imagine the glamour!

Fist: Indeed. And apparently some of them are nekkid too.

Trag: Good to see you back!!